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The Magic Cafe Forums - Card Size - Poker vs Bridge In Europe bridge size is what there is. Social class is a major factor in the USA. The USA is a mixed bag. For decades magicians essentially use only bridge size cards. In the late 80s, there was some transition to poker size Bikes. If you are in sophisticated company in the USA you are probably still going to get bridge size cards from them.

The two standard sizes of playing cards are the poker size and bridge size. Poker-sized playing cards are 2.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches long. Bridge-sized cards are 2.25 inches wide by 3.5 inches long. Continue Reading. What is the difference between bridge size and poker size ... Poker (Wide) size cards are 2.5" (62mm) wide and Bridge size cards are 2.25" (57mm) wide. Most casinos and poker rooms use bridge size (yes, bridge) cards because they are easier to handle and shuffle than the larger poker size cards. Please note that the above answer is slightly incorrect. Also please consider using plastic cards. Bridge and Poker Playing Cards - Difference in Size Bridge card size: We measured a card from Congress' "Three Cheers" bridge set. The card is approximately 3.5 inches high and 2.25 inches wide. Poker card size: We measured a card used in actual play at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The card is approximately 3.5 inches high (same as the bridge card, obviously) and 2.5" wide. Poker size or Bridge size? Jumbo index or Standard index ... Odd, but most poker rooms use bridge width cards so I'm not sure why poker size are called poker size. I've heard that it's because so many dealers are women and they find it easier to deal the smaller cards.

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Now your subjective favorite can change just like your favorite painting on the wall. Besides being the most pleasant to handle and shuffle, they also have the most pleasing back design. Every poker house I have played in has used these cards, although sometimes in the bridge size, but that says something. Bridge Style Poker In Your Own Image - Traditional Poker Size The thin, yet durable bridge style poker deck makes an excellent addition to your promotional materials. Made with high-quality card stock, the bridge style cards are thinner than a traditional poker card. You can customize the back of the card with your company's slogan or logo for an excellent promotional item. Product code: PC100126-58 Bridge size custom playing cards - The major difference between bridge size card and standard poker rests on the size. Bridge cards are 56cm x 88cm, slightly slimmer and particularly welcomed by those with smaller hands. Add your company's stylish illustration or emblem on the card surface to make this a unique company gift. Product code: PC1201C26-02 Test & review: The cheap poker playing cards vs. the quality ...

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but because bridge-size cards are so unusual, it seems they would be conspicuous. and the difference isn't all that great. there's a clear convention of using poker-size cards in magic. The Trifecta! Copag, Gemaco, and KEM - Standard Index No need to decide between Copag, Gemaco, and KEM - now you can have all three in Standard Index, and save money too! You choose the size, style, and colors you prefer for each of the three famous brands from the drop-down menus above. Test & review: The cheap poker playing cards vs. the ... The bridge size cards are made for bridge, in where player has plenty of cards in hand at the same time. That is why the bridge size cards are more narrow than the actual poker playing cards. The bridge size playing card at left, the poker size playing card at right. Deck Review - Bicycle Bridge Red Size Playing Cards - YouTube

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Poker Size Cards versus Bridge Size Cards How can the answer be improved?

What does Poker size & Bridge size mean? There are two sizes of playing cards being sold today, and they are only slightly different. A poker-size deck of cards measures 2.50 inches wide, and 3.50 inches tall. A bridge-size deck of cards is 1/4 of an inch narrower, so it measures 2.25 inches wide, and 3.50 inches tall (same as a poker deck).

Card Size for NLHE Bridge (standard) or Poker (wide) | Poker ... Hi, all I have an issue I’d like to put to bed once and for all. Aside from casinos, which I would speculate use standard Bridge width cards because they are easier on the dealers, do you prefer/use Bridge (standard) width cards OR Poker/Blackjack (wide) width cards for playing Texas Holdem? Cards Poker Size or Bridge Sized? | Poker Chip Forum Bridge size is by far easier to manipulate and large index often annoys players as they need to spread the cards too far to peek at their hand. I personally have never seen poker sized cards or jumbo index used for poker in a casino in NJ or Vegas, but I imagine they are used in some room somewhere...hence my 99%.

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